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Give Hope! The gift of water

Every Dollar Counts

$450 towards $1,000

Friendly Water helps to bring clean water to people and places that need it. Our next project is to provide training to nine groups of people with albinism to fabricate, distribute, install and maintainBioSand water filters. Each group of 25-30 people will set up a small enterprise to sell the Filters while providing clean water for their own families and community. If this is successful, as it has been in other places, profits may be used to spin off other small enterprises, such as chicken and goat raising or sewing cooperatives. This will help people with albinism to help their communities with the goal of being reintegrated there.

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for FRIENDLY WATER FOR THE WORLD.

Giving online or texting the word "Friendly" to 77498 is an easy and fast way to donate.