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December 7, 2017

To date through other channels we have raised an additional $20,513 for a total $28,278

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On Giving Tuesday, Help People with Albinism Help Themselves

Friendly Water for the World works to expand global access to low-cost clean water technologies and information about health and sanitation. We aren't a traditional charity, but a knowledge-sharing and training organization, working to make communities self-sufficient even as they ensure their own safe drinking water.

Our main activity is in training communities to build, distribute, and install BioSand Water Filters, a simple, affordable, household technology, made of all local materials, that removes virtually all bacteria, viruses, worms, and parasites from drinking water. They eliminate waterborne illnesses such as typhoid, cholera, bacterial and amoebic dysentery, Rotavirus, and hepatitis A. The programs require several steel molds (each one can be used to make one Filter a day), some tools, and starter material (sand/gravel/cement/tubing) to get them off the ground.

- People killed for their body parts -

People with albinism (a disorder whereby people appear "white") are found throughout eastern and central Africa. Tanzania has the largest concentration of people living with albinism of anywhere in the world. They are hunted, killed, and dismembered, as some communities believe that possession of bones and body parts from people with albinism can lead to wealth. More than 100 people with albinism are killed and gruesomely mutilated in Tanzania each year. Many are murdered while walking to gather water for their households. People live in constant fear of albinism hunters.

To protect them, the Tanzania government has chosen to collect people with albinism in camps. Conditions are brutal. People are often sick, especially with waterborne illnesses, and have to walk long distances for water, where they may be attacked. There is almost 100% unemployment. Life expectancy is short; child mortality very high.

- Empowering people with albinism -

Friendly Water for the World is planning to provide training to nine groups of people with albinism in the Shinyanga region of Tanzania in the manufacture, distribution, installation, and maintenance of BioSand Filters. This will make it possible for each group of 25-30 people to set up a small enterprise to sell the Filters, while providing clean water for their own families and the 2,500 families in the community. If successful, as we have found elsewhere in the region, profits may be used to spin off other small enterprises, such as chicken and goat raising or sewing projects. And programs will spread to other camps as well.

The cost of this five-day training, including all materials, is $22,000.

- We have $11,000 in matching funds! -

Your contribution will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $11,000 for Giving Tuesday.

Future plans include: (any additional funds raised will go towards these):

  • Training several teams to build rainwater catchment systems/ferrocement tanks, to help end "the long walk to water"
  • Providing two manual interlocking brickmaking machines. The bricks can be used for foundations for the rainwater catchment systems and MicroFlush toilets, as well as for homebuilding
  • Training several teams to build Micro toilets

- Contribution Levels and Gifts -

  • $60 - A BioSand Water Filter – A beautiful Indian scarf
  • $125 – Manual and Training Materials for each group – A Friendly Elephant
  • $250 – Starter Materials (sand/gravel/cement) – A Friendly Giraffe
  • $525 – A Toolkit – Scarf from India and a Friendly Elephant
  • $650 – A Steel Mold needed for production – Scarf from India and a bag of Friendly Coffee
  • $1,300 Two steel molds (each group needs two) – Scarf from India, a Friendly Elephant, a Friendly Giraffe, and a bag of Friendly Coffee
  • $2,500 – Training of one group (including needed materials) – Free 5-day BioSand Filter training in Anacortes, Washington, August 2018 (may be transferred)
  • $7,500 – Training three groups (including needed materials) – Free 5-day BioSand Filter Training in Anacortes, Washington AND Participation as a trainer at one of our projects abroad (includes transportation, accommodations, food, and insurance) (may be transferred)

to make a donation click on the Donate button below or text the word "Friendly" to 77948

For more information about Friendly Water, please visit friendlywater.net

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